Primary care is about your patients, not your workflows.

Administrative Burden

Primary care providers, like dental clinics, are complex businesses in spite of their small size. They are regulated and collect revenues from government, insurers and patient. Each appointment creates multiple tasks for the support and clinical team.

Providers have no single software that manages both clinical and administrative needs. Instead, teams use different, isolated tools that are not integrated. For example, payroll and payments reconciliation are usually manual tasks.

Tabeo’s Mission

Tabeo’s mission is to simplify payments in primary care and automate crucial, administrative tasks for the support team by providing an integrated platform.

We help free up time so our users can focus on the most important work: the patient.


Primary care providers of all shapes and sizes use Tabeo. In the UK, we process payments for over 6,000 clinics. Success means our code touches every patient and saves users valuable time.


Smile Direct Club was a global leader in orthodontics with over $400m in annual sales and 2 million customers.
Across Europe

operating in France, Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom

70,000+ customers

with 99% approval rate

Products used
In-House (Finance)
Regulated (Finance)


Tabeo focuses on regulated primary care providers for which state or private insurance does not cover the treatment costs. Consumers in the UK spend, on average, over £200 per year on primary care.

Primary care in Europe

Our customers are often the first contact for local communities and serve them in a comprehensive way. The market is regulated and includes dentists, opticians and vets.

In terms of revenue potential, we consider Europe as comparable to the US. However, competitors need to comply with more local rules and offer sector/country specific tools to win.

100,000 clinics
100,000 clinics
40,000 clinics
20,000 clinics


Tabeo is not a payments company nor balance sheet lender. We focus on features that our users need. To do so, Tabeo partners with global leaders that provide capital or infrastructure.

Fortress Investment Group is a global alternative investment manager with £40+ billion in assets under management.
Debt funding
£750 million forward flow
Financial infrastructure for the internet. Millions of companies of all sizes use Stripe online and in person to accept payments.
Card processing
Connect platform, card readers
GoCardless makes bank payments faster, cheaper and more secure. It connects 2,300+ banks in Europe and supports 80,000+ businesses.
Direct Debit
BACS, SEPA, bulk transfers


We don't have fancy offices or personal assistants. We are hands-on and committed to our people.

Paul Ebert
Martin Fest
Bhavin Bhatt
Phil Jones


We believe doctors are heroes. And every hero needs a sidekick. We provide gadgets for them. Tabeo is a remote-first company. Our people are based in 11 different countries.

Interested in joining Tabeo?

We have great ambitions but limited resources. We carefully plan our work and focus on impact. We believe that sustainable growth means a business is profitable. Tabeo is an opportunity to impact the lives of millions.


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